Regulation Object

regs Object Properties






A flag indicating whether or not this request falls under the COPPA regulations established by the USA FTC, where 0 = No and 1 = Yes.


  • Due to the sensitivity around COPPA governed advertising, The MediaGrid does not support it as part of open auction trading. COPPA governed requests are only passed to a Buyer as part of a private deal.

  • It is also highly recommended to use separate ad units for these opportunities, as well as setting up a separate publisher under your main account.

  • Please speak with your account manager if you wish to engage in COPPA governed trading.



Extension object for further protocol fields.

ext Object

regs extension Object Properties






Indicates whether the request falls under GDPR regulations:

  • 0 = No

  • 1 = Yes

  • Under OpenRTB conventions for optional attributes, omission indicates Unknown

If consent is given, you should check if the user.ext.consent field is present to ascertain what form of consent was given.



Passes the user privacy status for requests which fall under CCPA regulations. The string uses 4 characters, e.g. "1YN-", passed in the following order.

  1. Version Number The IAB CCPA Specification version that applies to this string, passed as an integer. Currently only 1 is available.

  2. Explicit Notice (N = No, Y = Yes, - = Not Applicable)

    Indicates whether explicit notice has been provided to the user as required by 1798.115 (d) of the CCPA and whether they have had the opportunity to opt-out of the sale of their data pursuant to 1798.120 and 1798.135 of the CCPA.

  3. Opted-Out (N = No, Y = Yes, - = Not Applicable)

    Indicates whether the user has opted-out of the sale of their personal information pursuant to 1798.120 and 1798.135.

  4. LSPA (N = No, Y = Yes, - = Not Applicable)

    Indicates whether the publisher is a signatory to the IAB Limited Service Provider Agreement (LSPA) and that the publisher declares the transaction should be treated as a “Covered Opt Out Transaction” or a “Non Opt Out Transaction” as defined in the agreement.