Client-side Header Bidding

The MediaGrid Client-side Prebid Adapter allows publishers to integrate quickly with The MediaGrid and access features to manage inventory and streamline trading with advertising partners. To make the most out of the prebid.js setup, we recommend the following.

  • While versions as early as 1.3.0 are supported, it is better to use a more recent version to avail of the many improvements made since. We see the best performance with prebid.js version 4.13 or greater.

  • Please don’t forget to set up user syncing before you enable production traffic. You can find user syncing best practices in the following specification: User syncing is important, as it allows higher CPMs on matched traffic. The user sync URL that will be implemented as part of The MediaGrid bidder setup is as follows: We expect you to call our user sync URL ideally on every page view, or at least once every 12 hours.

  • Before sending requests, make sure ad unit mapping has been set up, see the Getting Started with The MediaGrid section for details. You can find the request and response specification in the following sections, Prebid Client-Side Request and Prebid Client-Side Response. Also, please make sure that you have set up ads.txt.

Tips And Hints

Within the specification you will see fields marked as recommended. These recommendations are based on business reasoning and aim to help you to increase CPMs and show greater value to Buyers. Here are some of the main ones.

  • The Page Position is passed using the imp.banner.pos field, indicating whether the impression is above the fold or in the footer helps Buyers to price appropriately, see the Banner Object section for more details.

  • The Content Object is particularly valuable with Video inventory as a number of Buyers take it into account when valuing the opportunity.

  • The Supply Chain Object is valuable to some big buyers such as Google and The TradeDesk who want complete tranparency in the supply chain, see the Source Object for details.

  • The MediaGrid is GDPR and CCPA compliant. We need these signals on respective traffic for better monetisation. Please refer to the following example:

"regs": {
    "ext": {
        "us_privacy": "1YNN",
        "gdpr": 1,
        "gdpr_consent": "jnshjcjbkfckjefkjf"
  • If you have your own floor logic that may be not static but dynamic and you want to pass us the floor data on request basis, please use:

  • We expect our yes bids to turn into impressions within max 6 minutes. Any impression that is called later will be considered invalid on The MediaGrid side.

User Syncing

Please make sure you have set up user syncing. The user sync URL sets a cookie in the user’s browser, and The MediaGrid reads this cookie upon receiving a request from this browser. We recommend resyncing users with The MediaGrid once every 12 hours.

# User sync URL
# User sync with GDPR consent
# User sync with US Privacy consent - HTTPS