Google DV360

To set up a deal to be bought by Google DV360 through The MediaGrid, you need to add the Deal to your Inventory in the DV360 UI and then assign it as the Inventory Source on your Line Item.

  1. Log into the DV360 Platform and add new Inventory by selecting Inventory ‣ My Inventory ‣ Orders and Deals and push New

  2. Choose New Non-guaranteed inventory and fill in the following Deal Information fields.

    • Name - Give the deal a name

    • ID - Use the provided MediaGrid DealID - usually in the form GRID-xxxx

    • Exchange - Select BidSwitch

    • Seller Name - Can be left blank

    • Inventory Format - Select Display or Video depending on your needs

    • Creative Requirements - For Display, choose relevant sizes. For Video, choose max video duration. Recommended maximum = 120 seconds

    • Rate Type - Select CPM Floor

    • Rate - Enter 0

    • Start Date - Enter Start Date for Deal

    • End Date - Recommended to be left blank for always on deals.

    • Advertiser - Select all advertisers that should have access to the Deal

  3. Push Save & Close or Save & Assign Line Items

  4. Your Deal has been configured and now needs assignment to a Line Item

  5. Set up your Campaign, Insertion Order and Line Items as you normally would

  6. Navigate to Line Item Settings ‣ Line Items Inventory Source and fill in the following Line Item Inventory Source Information fields.

    • Quality - Leave this as Authorised and Non-Participating Publishers

    • Public Inventory - We recommend selecting no exchanges or subexchanges and excluding new exchanges.

    • Deals & Inventory Packages - Select the deal that you have set up previously

    • Groups - We recommend selecting no groups

  7. Save your settings and the Line Item and Deal setup is complete