Amazon UAM/TAM Integration

The MediaGrid supports UAM (Unified Ad Marketplace) and TAM (Transparent Ad Marketplace) integrations with Amazon. When integrating via Amazon, please proceed as described below.

UAM Integration

In order to get integrated with The MediaGrid via Amazon UAM please follow this 2 steps process:

  • Deploy the following ads.txt entry across your entities:, JTQKMP, RESELLER, 35d5010d7789b49d.

  • Сontact your account manager at Amazon so that you can get whitelisted and launched with The MediaGrid.

TAM Integration

This integration type requires you to proceed as follows.

  1. Make sure you have the paperwork in place with and The MediaGrid.

  2. Contact the publisher’s TAM representative and their dedicated The MediaGrid Ops / Account manager.

  3. Deploy the ads.txt entry provided by The MediaGrid across your entities.

  4. Prior to launching the traffic, The MediaGrid ops team needs to upload ad units from Amazon TAM into The MediaGrid system. This will be done together with Amazon TAM team.

  5. Once all ad units are uploaded, The MediaGrid team will confirm to their Amazon account manager their readiness so that Amazon team can enable the traffic. The MediaGrid will be checking discrepancies after 2-3 days of trading.