The MediaGrid and GDPR

Following General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) definitions, The MediaGrid is considered to be a separate and independent data controller for the personal data it receives and processes in connection with The MediaGrid services. The MediaGrid processes such personal data as required for performance of its agreements, to carry out its services and as described in the Grid Inc. Privacy Policy.

As The MediaGrid does not directly provide any services to end users/data subjects, The MediaGrid does not gather GDPR consent and relies on publishers to obtain and document user consent for its stated purposes and to include The MediaGrid as a declared data controller.

The MediaGrid TCF 2.0 Position

The MediaGrid uses the following TCF 2.0 framework components to comply with the GDPR. The information given below can be verified within The MediaGrid’s node in the IAB’s Global Vendors List v2 (GVL). The MediaGrid Vendor ID is 686, and the The Media Grid’s TCF 2.0 Global Vendors List Entry section is a copy of this entry.

In addition to The MediaGrid’s ID of 686, it is important that the following IDs are granted user consent:

  • BidSwitch 128

  • IPONWEB 129

We strongly advise that those IDs are present in the approved vendors list in order for The MediaGrid to be able to properly match and monetise requests/impressions coming from a particular user


For all of the purposes which the framework covers, The MediaGrid uses user consent as the sole legal basis for processing their data.

  • Purpose 1 - Store and/or access information on a device

  • Purpose 2 - Select basic ads

  • Purpose 3 - Create a personalised ads profile

  • Purpose 4 - Select personalised ads

  • Purpose 5 - Create a personalised content profile

  • Purpose 6 - Select personalised content

  • Purpose 7 - Measure ad performance

  • Purpose 8 - Measure content performance

  • Purpose 9 - Apply market research to generate audience insights

  • Purpose 10 - Develop and improve products

Special Purposes

The MediaGrid does not process user data for TCF 2.0 Special Purpose 1.

  • Special Purpose 1 - Ensure security, prevent fraud, and debug

However, as the provider of an online media trading platform, The MediaGrid does process user data for TCF 2.0 Special Purpose 2.

  • Special Purpose 2 - Technically deliver ads or content


The MediaGrid relies solely upon user consent as the legal basis for processing user data for Features 1, 2 and 3.

  • Feature 1 - Match and combine offline data sources

  • Feature 2 - Link different devices

  • Feature 3 - Receive and use automatically-sent device characteristics for identification

Special Features

The MediaGrid does not process user data for any of the TCF 2.0 special features.

  • Special Feature 1 - Use precise geolocation data

  • Special Feature 2 - Actively scan device characteristics for identification

The Media Grid’s TCF 2.0 Global Vendors List Entry
    "name":"The MediaGrid Inc.",